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Cosmic encounter

Comet Panstarrs has not put on the display that was hoped for earlier in the year but it has given a photo opportunity as it makes a close pass of the Andromeda galaxy on it’s way out of the Solar System. There’s no risk of collision here, the comet is in our Solar System and the galaxy is 2.5 million light years away.


The images were acquired using a Canon 350D with a 75-300mm zoom lens at f/4.5. Eleven 2 minute exposures were stacked in Maxim, had the light pollution gradients removed in PixInsight and final processing carried out in Photoshop.

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Very nice. Smoother and deeper than mine but just not quite as close an approach. I like the more systematic approach to processing, pixinsight, plus you got longer exposures.

This is probably the best image I have seen of the comet with Andromeda. Unfortunately, I missed this opportunity due to UK weather (as usual). At the moment I’m trying to collect images of deep sky objects using a camera on a tripod without a telescope or tracking mount to see what is possible for beginners without expensive equipment. If you have any please could you send them to me so I can put them in the gallery on my website.

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